Done with my first program

My students from the first Off The Map program should be back at home in the states by now. I have collected a second group of students in Accra, flown with them to Tamale and am now back up in the north of Ghana repeating the Off The Map program a second time with a new group.
But before I parted ways with my first group in Accra we had a lot of fun in Cape Coast. We toured a slave castle, which was a sobering experience, and we also had the chance to explore the club scene in Cape Coast. I don’t have any pictures from the second activity, however. So in honor of my first ever Rustic Pathways student group, here are some pictures from our last days together.
I will be posting more images from my new group in some of the same locations as before, but now I have the opportunity to improve on what I have already shot and look for some new angles.


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