A long walk on the beach and a long climb up a hill

I am back in the northern part of Ghana with my second group of Off The Map students. They arrived in Accra Wednesday afternoon and after taking them for a walk on the beach we gave them a program orientation and let them rest.
Yesterday morning (Thursday) we flew to Tamale and then drove to Bolga Tanga which is at the top of the country, near the Burkina Faso border. We took the students to play with some children that evening at a program called “Night Rabbits” which is an evening program designed to teach children who must work during the day rather than attend school how to read. The kids put on a drumming and dancing exhibition for our students.
Today (Friday) we have just returned from a sunset climb up the Tongo Hills after spending the day passing out Tom’s shoes to some schoolchildren. Because I have the opportunity to participate in some of the same activities twice working multiple Off The Map programs I decided to photograph this one in a different manner than the last. I’m carrying just one camera with a wide angle lens, forcing myself to get close to people.

The beach in the capital city of Accra

A drumming and dancing exhibition put on by the Night Rabbits students.

A student tries on a pair of Tom’s shoes during our service project.

Piles of worn out shoes

Me at the top of the Tongo Hills


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