A cabin pressure chamber was delivered to the Orbital Outfitters facility at Midland International Air and Space Port on Sept. 11, 2015. The chamber will allow for the testing of commercial space suits to aid the company in their mission of civilian space travel. Video was produced for the Midland Development Corporation.

Midland community members and law enforcement professionals gathered Oct. 9, 2015, to honor the memory of Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Mike Naylor who was killed one year previous while serving a warrant.

Midland Boy Scouts retired worn and tattered flags during a ceremony Sept. 11, 2015 at the Buffalo Trail Council office in Midland.

Tony Lawrence: A life in the fast lane


“Part of a team:” Behind the scenes with the SIU mascots


Rally America 100 Acre Wood race 2010


MVC Tournament Recap


SIU vs Quincy Football



MVC Tournament championship game viewed through the basket


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