Back on the coast

We stopped at the Kintampo Waterfalls for lunch while heading south to the coast from Kumasi, which is in the center of the country. A few of us jumped in and played in the rapids, but the cold temperature of the water kept the majority of the students out.
Once we arrived on the coast we stayed at a couple of beach resorts, picking our way back to Accra. The first was the Bayin Beach Resort. While in Bayin we toured a stilt village that was built out on the water. The townspeople conduct their lives above the water of a secluded inland freshwater cove. It took us 30 minutes of paddling by canoe to reach the community.
We then moved down the coast to the Green Turtle, which is an amazing beach resort paradise. I did not want to leave and am already looking forward to coming back with the next group of students.
We are currently in Cape Coast, which is our last stop before we return to Accra and pick up a new group of students.

Kintampo waterfalls

The students in the water at the Green Turtle resort

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