Crocodiles and an African safari

I am a couple days behind in my blogging as I am currently back in the south of the country but I was out of internet contact for the last several days or so. In this post are some images from my last few days up north and from our time in Mole National Park (pronounced ‘mo-lee’), which is back up north. We learned about some sacred crocodiles in a small northern village and the students were able to get quite close to the creatures, as you will see from the photos. In Mole we went on a safari but I didn’t really see many animals up close. I’m hoping that I will have more time to see some critters on one of the programs I will be leading in the coming weeks.

The people in this small northern town traditionally believe that the crocodiles will not hurt them because they are so protected. It is actually illegal to harm a crocodile.

Our safari guide in Mole National Park. He is actually the father of Moses, one of our local guides who was with us during staff training but is currently running Rustic Programs in the Volta Region. You may remember Moses from the blog post where we took him bowling.

Elephants keeping cool in Mole National Park.

This elephant, named “People’s Friend #2,” was hanging out outside our motel room. The building behind the elephant is actually where our rooms are. The hotel is within Mole National Park and the creatures are not fenced in so we are forced to keep a keen eye peeled for wildlife while transiting from our accommodations to the dining area. Visitors are warned not to carry food back to their rooms because of the aggressive baboons that will run up and steal it.


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