Service work and dance parties in northern Ghana

We are in the far north of the country, in a town called Bolgatonga, near the Burkina Faso border. We have completed nearly all of the service work we will do on our trip. Over the last two days we have moved concrete blocks by hand that will be used to lay the foundation of a school, handed out “Tom’s” shoes, and played with school children. The best part of the service work was the dance breaks! Ghanian’s take breaks from working by getting in a circle, making a beat with their hands and then taking turns dancing to the beat. We had an amazing time dancing with the village people and helping them build their school. They were very grateful as well.
Handing out the Tom’s to the schoolchildren was a good experience as well. I took a group of students to a school for the deaf, where we fitted the children for their feet size and handed out corresponding shoes. They were very grateful and said “thank you” in sign language over and over again.
We also had the opportunity to climb the Tongo Hills, where we were able to get an amazing view of the Bolga savannah lands of northern Ghana. Gallery below.

1 thought on “Service work and dance parties in northern Ghana

  1. Such beautiful colors in their clothing! Really shows that industrialized nations dress like machines in dull colors. I love Tom’s shoes and will buy more!


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