06/20 – Finishing up staff training

We have now finished our staff training and moved to another hotel. This hotel is nicer than the last and will be an easy introduction to the students to Ghana before we send them out into more “rustic” venues. Over the last couple days we have all bonded as a staff. We went bowling as a group and our local guides had never seen bowling so that was a fun experience. As leaders we have really developed a close relationship with each other and I am confident in our ability to lead our students safely and provide them with a fun and hopefully a life-changing experience. For the first group of students there will be four of us guiding. Once the programs begin to overlap and more kids arrive there will be three of us per student group and we will divide the responsibilities between us (daily budgets, arranging transport, etc).
I have included some more general pictures of the Rasta-themed hotel we were staying at last week in a slideshow below, along with pictures of bowling and our staff group at dinner. I’ll try to get some pictures up of the place we are currently staying at, but with the arrival of new students I may be even more pressed for time in the coming days.

Our country director getting his hair trimmed by a fellow staffer.

Moses, one of our local guides, is a transportation expert. He can rustle up a taxi, bus or a “tro-tro” out of thin air within minutes and always bargains for the lowest price. This was his first time bowling and he was a natural, breaking 100 with each game. He also has some of the coolest clothes made of African fabric, like his pants in this picture.

Some of my fellow staffers at dinner on the water.

View of the ocean from the restaurant. Photo was taken after sunset in the dark.

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