Farewell to Ghana and on to the next adventure

I spent my last few days in Ghana touring some of the beaches and castles along the southern coast of the country. They were all places I had been before during my travels across the country but they felt more special to me knowing that I would be leaving very soon.
I am very glad to be back in the USA but my time spent in Ghana was very meaningful to me. I learned a very valuable lesson while there; a person doesn’t need much food, money, or possessions to live and be really happy.
My last two weeks in the country I left my big suitcase full of clothes in storage at a hotel and packed a small duffel with just a few clothes and items I needed. I realized that even the one bag I had been living out of while in Ghana was way more than I needed. I learned that I don’t need large portions of food to satisfy my hunger, small portions are more than enough. I became aware of how little we as Americans actually interact with each other. Standing on an elevator or walking on a crowded street without saying hi to a stranger is a common practice here, but it is absolutely unheard of in Ghana, and quite rude.
Overall I am glad to be back, but I think a little bit of Ghana will always be with me. I think I’m a better person and a smarter traveler as a result of my experience there. I would love to keep traveling but I am looking forward to my next adventure; full-time employment. I will post more about that later, but in the meantime, enjoy a picture gallery from my final days in Ghana.

2 thoughts on “Farewell to Ghana and on to the next adventure

  1. JL, this is Auntie Evelyn and I have loved reading about your adventure and the impact it has had on you. It truly is a wonderful world and traveling helps us to reveal ourselves .
    Loved the pictures and the variety does speak so much for your experiences.
    Where to next?

    • Thank you for the kind words. I have accepted a full-time job in Midland Texas at a Hearst Company newspaper. I’ve been working here for a few weeks now. I’ll be updating my blog here soon with a collection of my favorite images so far.


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