Another African safari, more waterfalls and a lazy day on the beach

Heading south from Bolgatanga, we stayed in Mole National Park and went on a safari, my second since I have been in the country. This safari was more successful than the first one I went on two weeks previous, as we managed to spot quite a few animals. The coolest part about Mole National Park is the fact that as visitors, we are part of the wildlife. The animals are not separated from the humans and on this trip, we even had some baboons break into our bus and steal some food. As you can see from the pictures, they are not at all afraid of humans.

Leaving Mole, we went further south into the country’s interior on a 10 hour road trip. Being on a bus for that long while bouncing over rutted dirt roads leads to some delirious behavior, which looks like this:

We stopped at the Kintempo Waterfalls, as with the first group of students two weeks prior, taking a dip in the cold stream water.

Leaving the waterfalls, we headed south to Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, home of the largest market in West Africa. This time around, due to logistical concerns, I stayed at the hotel, so no pictures of that just yet. Leaving Kumasi, we headed south to the coast, where we paddled out in handmade canoes to a village built on the water.

We then had a relaxing beach day at the Green Turtle, which is my favorite resort location in Ghana. I have promised myself that I will one day come back to Ghana for a vacation and stay at this place. It is a little slice of paradise.


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